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Some of these questions might be ones you were thinking, but if you are still unsure about anything, then please email us. We are always happy to help.

What tools will I need?

Nothing fancy - a basic set of screwdrivers, both flat blade and pozi (cross) type. You don't need a power screwdriver but they do make the job easier. A sharp knife is always useful. A paint scraper for getting any bits of glue, paint or sealant off your old door. Sandpaper might be a good idea too. You shouldn't need a drill or a saw for most of the products, but if you do the instructions given with each product will tell you this. To hold your door ajar whilst you paint it and fit new hardware it is always useful to have rubber door wedges underneath. These will stop it flapping about. See Door Stops to order these.

How should I clean my door?

Little and often is the key to success here. Just a regular wipe down with warm soapy water and a soft cloth is all it should take to keep your door looking like new. This applies to the handles, letterbox and other fittings too. Never use any abrasive cleaning products on the hardware or door surface. For deeper grime and dirt then refer to our Guides for how best deal with the door material you have.

What is a Composite door?

Basically 'composite' means a mixture of different materials put together to make a door leaf. The door leaf is the bit that moves, the door slab or blade. A composite door can have a framework made from timber or PVC and have faces (or skins) made from steel or GRP. GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic or we sometimes call this fibreglass. Very small, thin strands of glass fibres used to add strength to a plastic resin. The inside of the door is hollow so it is filled with foam to add stability but also improves insulation.

Can I replace a handle on a PVC door?

Yes. We have developed a revolutionary new handle called Adapt-a-Lever that has adjustable screw hole positions and adjustable lock to handle distance. This handle is designed to suit most Euro Profile Multi-Point locks fitted on UPVC, Steel faced, and GRP Composite doors. Even if the current handle has a screw fixing below the handle you should still be able to fit the Adapt-a-Lever but you may have to drill a new fixing hole above the lock. This is not a problem as the PVC sections are normally hollow.

Can I repaint a plastic door?

If by 'plastic' you mean uPVC then yes, they can be painted but you need specialist paints. See Guides for more details.